October 25, 2017

Timothy Crawley Heads to London to Discuss Drones

ACB Member Timothy Crawley will once again travel to London in November to meet with area market contacts to review Unmanned Aerial Systems and Autonomous Vehicle Developments in the United States. He will also take part in developing joint business strategies for future collaborations.

Since 2014, Mr. Crawley has made an annual trip to Lloyd’s of London on behalf of Your House Counsel® and presented on several topics, including the technical, legal and insurance developments in regard to the use of Drones and also on increased Gun Violence in the United States. His presentation in November 2016 at Lloyd’s of London’s Under 35 Market group, “Drones. They’re not only coming… They’re Here!” discussed the rapid rise in the popularity of drones, their varied uses and risks, and future potential of the industry. Mr. Crawley is considered by many as a leader in the industry regarding drones, their liability profile and insurance coverage issues.

Timothy Crawley is one example of the fine caliber of attorneys at Anderson Crawley & Burke, pllc. There are now 17 attorneys at the recently expanded firm serving Mississippi and west Tennessee from its offices in Jackson and Oxford.

Attendees listen to Mr. Crawley give his presentation.

Lloyd’s of London