Worker’s Compensation

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation is one of the roots upon which ACB solidified its position as a leading law firm in Mississippi.  With Founding Member Jim Anderson’s experience in that area dating back nearly 50 years and the exceptionally strong team which has flourished from that historical perspective, ACB has handled workers’ compensation matters before the Commission and Courts in every corner of the State.

ACB believes that the field of workers’ compensation is extremely important.  When dealing with the lives and well being of the workforce and their families as well as the significant financial impact bad decisions have on the financial integrity of the workers’ compensation community at large, it is easy to see how important workers’ compensation is to our society as a whole.  The concept is well illustrated in this quote:  “Workers’ compensation is a very important field of the law, if not the most important. It touches more lives than any other field of the law. It involves the payments of huge sums of money. The welfare of human beings, the success of business, and the pocketbooks of consumers are affected daily by it”.
Singletary v. Mangham Construction, 418 So.2d 1138 (Fla. 1st DCA, 1982)

ACB’s success in the field is based on a thorough and rational analysis of facts and the law with a focus on achieving the appropriate disposition of every matter entrusted to the firm at the earliest appropriate time. That earliest time might be when the last available court has spoken on the issues, but it might also might be a recommendation to pay or settle instead of litigating issues when the matter is assigned.

ACB also focuses on providing its clients with the appropriate training and tools needed to successfully handle claims.  Its training resources are shared freely with others and are often widely distributed to the community at large by the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Educational Association, Inc.

ACB’s workers’ compensation practice has expanded to a multi-state approach through involvement with national organizations such as the DRI, Workers’ Compensation Institute, College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, CLM, and Your House Counsel.  This involvement on a national level has provided tools and insight to assist with revising Mississippi law in a positive way.