Jim Anderson

Tim Crawley

Sharkey Burke

Jim Anderson entered the world of workers’ compensation in the 1970’s first as a Claims Professional with a national insurer and then as a Claims Supervisor/Administrative Assistant with the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission.  Since entering private law practice in 1978, his career has remained focused primarily on workers’ compensation issues involving the defense of employers and carriers in litigation, mediation of disputes, and even service as General Counsel and Secretary for a Mississippi workers’ compensation insurer and third party administrator.

Tim Crawley began his career as an attorney on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the 1980’s, and his career path has permitted him to try virtually every kind of case for which liability or risk is covered by insurance, and the depth of that experience is illustrated by the fact that he has represented civil defendants in litigation in 69 of Mississippi’s 82 counties.  Mr. Crawley is considered to be a leader in the industry regarding drones, their liability profile, and insurance coverage issues.

Sharkey Burke’s career in insurance defense began in the 1990’s with Tim’s firm, first on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and then in Jackson.  He has excelled in the representation of businesses and governmental entities in a wide variety of disputes throughout Mississippi. In 2003, Jim, Tim and Sharkey, along with several other attorneys, established Anderson Crawley & Burke, pllc.