January 2, 2018

ACB Announced Member Changes Within Firm Effective January 1, 2018


Dan Baker was named the newest Member of Anderson Crawley & Burke, pllc.  Dan has been a valuable part of the ACB team for several years and all are excited to see him transition into this new role.


Jim Anderson announced he was stepping down as Managing Member of ACB.  He has no plans to retire and will continue his duties as a Founding Member but he felt it was time for younger leadership and a new vision for the future of the firm.


Daniel Culpepper was elected as Managing Member for Anderson Crawley & Burke, pllc.  Daniel has been a Member for a number of years and brings an understanding of the history of the firm to the table as well as a charted path for future growth.


The entire ACB family is thankful for the dedication and leadership shown by each of these men.  We are thrilled for Dan and Daniel as they expand their roles and grateful to Jim for his many years of service.